Dl4All is a website that provides free software, games, movies, TV shows, and a lot more to download. It is not a very popular website like its counterparts but has managed to maintain decent traffic. Dl4All is an active website and can be easily accessed as it has not been blocked. In this article, we will look at Dl4All. Also, we will review other popular websites like DL4All that can serve as its alternative.

Pros of Dl4All

  • Dl4All has a simple and uncluttered website layout, which is very easy to navigate.
  • It has different sections to find the desired content quickly. It offers a search bar, a categories bar, a dedicated column to Adobe software, and a dedicated column for the popular utilities.
  • The scrollable center column features all the software with its specifications. You can click on the name of the software to get the download option.
  • Dl4All has an extensive range of content and covers most of the stuff that people need, which makes it a one-stop solution.
  • The website itself does not have pop-ups and ads; however, the file-hosting servers may have their own.

Cons of Dl4All

  • Like every other website that allows users to download free stuff, Dl4All is also an illegal website containing pirated and infringed content.
  • Dl4All uses file hosting servers to host its content, which makes them trickier to download.
  • Most of the file-hosting servers used by Dl4All require you to purchase their premium membership for a fast download. Without that, either you will not be able to download, or the download will occur at a very slow pace.
  • It cannot be considered a 100 percent free website as without purchasing the file host’s membership, you will not be able to download correctly.

Are there alternatives to Dl4All available?

Yes, there are a ton of alternatives available that offer completely free and very high-speed download. Torrents are one of them. They also are the one-stop solution for most of your requirements, offer significantly high-speed downloads, and they are entirely free to use.

Other than the torrents, there are several websites also that offer free downloads of software, movies, games, anime, and others. These websites may not be providing everything in one place, but they are specialized in one section that may be software, games, movies, etc.

Websites like Dl4all

We will first talk about the individual websites which excel in their category. Then we will speak of those websites, which are the one-stop solution for all kinds of content.


If we talk about popular websites like Dl4All, then Getintopc is one of the best sites out there. The difference is that it specializes only in software, but it has maintained its quality for quite some time now. Getintopc is a very simple looking neat and clutter-less website. It is entirely free to use and does not require any registration or membership. It has a decent library and covers both Windows and Mac software.

The website is ad-free, allowing you not to worry about the adware and pop-ups. It has a dedicated server for downloading the software, and as a result, it provides super-fast download speed. The only precaution you must take is to beware of the fake websites running by its name. We have provided the actual website link of Getintopc above.


It specializes in full version cracked PC games. Oceanofgames is an ancient site with significant traffic and trusted content. You will find most of the recent games on this website, and hence it serves as an alternative for Dl4All.

The website covers almost all the PC games genres and is updated regularly. It also has a dedicated download server providing a fast download speed. The website is free of dead links, and it provides a detailed video on how to install the game.

The games are free from malware and viruses and are safe to download. It also has a discussion forum where you can ask for a game that has not been uploaded on the website. If it is possible to crack, they will do it.

Finally, the website has been there for seven long years. Therefore, it suffers from the problem of fake copies running by its name. You can access the original website by clicking on the title above. Other notable mentions could be Skidrowreloaded, RGMechanics, and 3dm games.


For a very long time, YIFY contains the torrent links and has been the best website to download movies. Unfortunately, it was blocked due to a copyright infringement issue, but it is active again on another domain.

YIFY contains all the latest movies of almost all popular languages. It compresses the file without compromising on quality, making them easier to download. YIFY is also free from dead links as the links are revised regularly.

It is the best choice if you want to download movies in 4K quality without visiting a torrent directly. The movies are available in HD format ranging from 720p to 4K so, you can choose the one that suits your internet speed. It also has a discussion forum where you can ask questions or put up your movie request.

Websites that are like YIFY that worth being mentioned are DownloadHub, Rainierland, Putlocker, and Project Free TV; all of these websites except YIFY have movies as well as TV series and documentaries with DownloadHub specializing in 300MB Bollywood movies. Now let us look at the websites, which can be a complete alternative to Dl4All.


Well, yes! It is the same old torrent website that contains everything. From everything, we mean everything that you need to download. Despite facing tons of legal issues and getting blocked several times, it is still active and can be accessed via proxy links. It is not only like Dl4All but also outperforms it.

It probably has the most extensive content library. Although some older contents may not have good health and can give you a hard time majority are in good condition. It is easy to use, trusted, safe, and secure, completely free to use with the least number of ads. Accessing it might be trickier for the newbies; still, it is a simple process. All you need is to search for its proxy links on google, and you are done.


It is another torrent out there that completely outruns Dl4All. LimeTorrents is also an old website and has withstood all the controversies and bans. Unlike ThePirateBay, LimeTorrents can still be accessed directly in most of the regions.

LimeTorrents also covers all the essentials ranging from software, apps, and games to music, movies, tv shows, anime, and others. It is ad-free and contains torrents of good health, which supports fast downloading of the content. It is entirely free to use without any restriction, and here it is different from Dl4All.


Launched in 2008, RARBG is one of the oldest torrents which can be considered like Dl4All. It has been blocked in several regions but is not entirely down and can be accessed via a VPN. Like Dl4All, RARBG also features an extensive library of all the essential pieces of stuff in one place.

RARBG, unlike Dl4All, can be used without any restriction and is entirely free to use. It is updated regularly and is best suited for all the latest content. The process of using RARBG can be a little intimidating as it uses a few steps for security checks.

A few other websites that are like Dl4All are KickassTorrents, 1337x, TorLock, and TorrentDownloads. All of them can serve as an alternative to Dl4All.

Why Can’t we Access Some of these Websites?

This is a common issue faced by all of us. The reason behind this issue is copyright infringement, piracy, and DMCA violations. In recent times government agencies are taking stringent actions against these issues. Hence, all the popular websites are either getting blocked in some regions or are being turned down completely.

How can We Access these Websites?

If the website has been blocked only in a few regions, including yours, then you can use a VPN software and easily access it by pretending to be in some other region. If the website has been completely turned down, then the only option is to use the proxy links if there are any.

How to Identify a Fake Website?

They are identifying a fake website can be confusing as they look exactly like the original ones. You can check the domain name. Generally, the fake ones have a few letters different from the actual ones.

Secondly, the fake websites ask for some registration. They will ask for your credit card details for age verification. And lastly, they possess tons of ads and redirects. They will intimidate you in several manners to click on those links or install some software.

If we talk overall, then Dl4All is an excellent website providing all the major software, games, music, movie, and books in one place. Dl4All does not charge you for the download, but the file hosts it uses have their requirements, which defeat the purpose of such websites.