Hliang Bt! Hliang Bt! It was one of the best ‘BitTorrent’ websites available on the internet. But sadly, Hliang Bt got removed from the internet due to legal action on Torrent and BitTorrent websites. Hliang Bt was a popular BitTorrent website among the masses. Its removal has triggered the masses to search for an alternative that is as reliable and safe as Hliang Bt.

Other safe websites like Hliang Bt

Though Hliang Bt is no more, there are other better and safer alternatives to it. Here we are going to list the top websites which you can safely browse through. We rank these websites based on their safety, reliability, and trust factors.

Now that you are quite sure about our selection procedure, then let us get back to our main motto, i.e., Websites like Hliang Bt!!!

ThePirateBay (TPB):

By far, the most trusted BitTorrent website available! The best thing is it is trustworthy and sure-shot secure. Why? It has a history of about 17 years now. With trusted VIP users marked by the skulls, they comment and guide you through the best and legit torrents. TPB uses magnet links, i.e., when you click to open, it downloads directly in your torrent client. It has a simple interface which is not very attractive. There are some unsafe torrents available on the website. The website has tons of advertisements which could annoy you. This website frequently changes its URL as it is taken down and banned in many nations.


One of my personal favorites, iDope, goes with the tagline ‘A tribute to Kickass Torrents,’ which signifies and acknowledges the former Torrent website, which was taken down. The best thing about iDope is its community, which always safeguards the interests of other users by rating and commenting on the security of the Torrents.


A website in its youth has grown exponentially owing to its simple yet attractive interface with tons of Torrents available to be downloaded. It has movies, shows, software, and even games. The best part about Zooqle the way it has been organized!


I bet you must not have seen a better BitTorrent website interface than 1337X. It has a great variety of content with a well-organized and user-friendly interface. The best part consists of a library where you can scroll through looking at the thumbnail of the content. With ratings, comments, and other information provided, 1337X is indeed the BitTorrent website you should visit! Though occasionally, ads may bother you.


Indeed, the safest BitTorrent website available on the internet. It is not masked by Google search in most nations. The community here is fantastic! They are the reason this site is known for its safety. Go for this website if you are looking for safety as your priority.


Go for this BitTorrent website when you intend to download TV shows and series. Though the interface is not attractive, it is easy to use. The best part is the community is very active as they comment and guide the users to safe torrents. The wide range of content with neat and well-organized episodes will make you visit this BitTorrent website repeatedly.


It provides one of the best user interfaces with loads of content right from videos to software with a primary focus on movies. Though it gives the best user experience, it is not a very safe BitTorrent site as you must rely on the community and make a proper judgment about the safety of the Torrent.

Legit Torrents:

Legit Torrents is another safe website. With less content than its competitors, Legit Torrents have maintained their safety from malicious Torrents and hackers. This BitTorrent site has a small yet hard-working community that strives to keep this BitTorrent site safe and secure.


Though it does not have a secure connection, it is trusted by many people, mainly due to the quality of Torrents available on this BitTorrent website. Use it only when you need new and high-quality content; otherwise, you are taking a risk on this BitTorrent site. They have comparatively fewer ads than their competitors.


One of the most popular BitTorrent websites in India, it has started to make its impact globally. It is mainly famous for downloading music though it has other content too. Its user interface is not very attractive, but it is undoubtedly easy to use.

Bonus BitTorrent websites:


Its user interface is like Torrentz2 with an unattractive yet straightforward to use interface. It has some unique Torrents which is not available on any other BitTorrent website. Torlock is mainly used for downloading e-books and anime.


Russian people should surely go for this Russian language, the BitTorrent website. Others may also use this site according to one that is convinced by using translators. It has a slightly above average user interface with the right amount of content available.

We will miss Hliang Bt, but the websites mentioned above should easily cover up its needs and give us our quality content! Do make your choice based on the kind of requirement you have in your mind. Always give security and safety the priority, but as many safe sites do not offer a wide range of content, you would surely like to take a risk.

Hang on! Understand that these BitTorrent websites may be banned or blocked in your nation, or even using them could be a punishable offense. Understand the laws of your country and only then start using Torrents.

How do we rank these websites?


If a website is popular, then indeed many people reckon it to be reliable and trustworthy. However, one cannot guarantee the safety of these websites. There are other ways to judge the safety of Torrent and BitTorrent websites.

Content availability

BitTorrent websites are only useful when you find the content you were looking for, whether music or a game.

User Interface

Believe me, and this has a significant impact on the decision-making of choosing the right BitTorrent website. There are two parameters. First, one is eased to use, and the second one is attractiveness.

HTTPS websites

Trustworthy Torrent and BitTorrent websites will make sure to go with a safe and secure connection compared to dangerous ones, which more likely to use an insecure server and use as many as insecure connections. It makes the task for hackers straightforward. They trace you and hijack your precious data. So, the first thing you do is to take a good look at the URL bar to make sure that the connection is secure. You can identify this by looking for an ‘HTTPS’ connection, which signifies a secure connection rather than an unsecured ‘HTTP’ connection.

Privacy Policy

Every safe Torrent or BitTorrent website will mention copyright information. Generally, safe websites will not risk their removal due to copyright infringement laws. Many explicitly mention not to upload illegal content and make crystal clear of the removal of any such content is uploaded. You can confirm by checking out their privacy policy. Legit torrent and BitTorrent sites always talk about copyright and mention their clauses in the privacy policy. Some Torrent and BitTorrent sites will provide a DCMA claim form too.

Contact info

Well, Torrent and BitTorrent websites do business! So, it is obvious to put up their physical address and mailing details. Many of them even go a step forward and provide complaint redressal or help and support features. So, look for contact information when you visit a website.


BitTorrent and Torrent websites provide free service and generate revenue through ads. For a legitimate website, it is essential to have a good user interface and an even better experience. If you see pop-up ads, bad and filthy ads, and browser or search engine warnings, there is a need to be concerned.


Use trusted and, if possible, premium VPN, which will help you go through the BitTorrent websites