Popular sites like Mangatraders and other websites alike form a large community of readers online who can read through their favorite manga scans and scalations for free on websites like Manga Fox, Manga Volume, etc. It is a kind of public community resource to explore, enjoy, and review hundreds of high-quality free manga on the web. It is like a treasure hunt for manga lovers and obsessed fans. You can find like these many other popular sites, just like Mangatraders, that will provide you with the same services.

Let us go through some of them very quickly:


This site tracks all the latest manga scalation releases in various languages and immediately provides the community with free downloadable links to those resources. MangaShare had made many useful updates and improvisations on their website, which include tracking of raw manga, anime, etc. The entire community of fans gathers here to discuss their favorite scenes from the series as well as have conversations about a plethora of upcoming projects.

All the scanlators or raw providers can share their work on this platform and contribute their releases to the release forums. The goal of this website is to provide a fun and fair community where everyone can freely express their opinions on the manga releases and push them to make their community more massive and more robust. The plan is to make these user groups very active by making available to them direct download links of full volumes and the latest chapters.


This is yet another community-oriented site just like Mangatraders, based on forums and is, to date, the most popular and successful scalation listing and download cum community site. It has always been the first place for the audience to search for the latest raw, translations, and scalations of popular Shounen jump mangas like Bleach, Naruto, and one piece. It had become one of the most searched places for weekly mangas by 2007, and so due to its gradually expanding customer base, the site had to go for a complete commercial re-launch on a forum software vBulletin.

The site had to go for a complete re-design to improve the user interface and was customized, especially to the community reader’s needs. The website has been growing both in terms of several users and age since then, and they have never stopped adding new features since then to provide a fantastic experience to the community and successfully turn into one of the largest international platforms.


If you want to access and read manga online for free, this website, just like Mangatraders, can be the perfect spot for it. You can watch the entire latest anime series for free, and the layout and website design are quite impressive.

You will find no difficulty in searching for your favorite series because they are all well organized and categorized according to all sorts of filters like old, new, famous, or non-popular. It is a community forum where you are free to share your opinions and reviews about your favorite or hated manga novels and series without much community restrictions.


This is the best place for fans to download and read free manga online and find all the latest releases. Do you know what the best thing about this website is? You do not even need to sign in or register for free access! Even here, the manga comics are sorted and classified into different genres, for instance, romance, horror, drama, science fiction, crimes, adventure, and a lot more.

So, the good news is you will find whatever suits your taste. This site is like MangaFox, where you get an ample number of titles and manga comics daily. You will also be able to discover on this website the comics that are currently trending among your fellow fans in the explore section.


Another great substitute for Mangatraders is this website, where you will never fall short of the grand collection of manga series that are also available in different genres like school life, action, fantasy, science fiction, and a lot more. Do you know what the unique thing about this website is?

You will get the most comprehensive range to choose from and instant access to almost more than 10000 Manga Series. Are you obsessed with the latest releases of all your favorite Manga Series? This site gets updated almost regularly so you can download them with almost no difficulty. The site interface is also very user friendly, organized, and attractive with its beautiful design.


This site also has a lot of recent updates, which makes the downloadable links of the latest manga releases smooth. Even here, just like the other popular Manga websites, the releases are categorized according to the ratings, reviews, and release dates.

Even here, you will find a lot of different genres like crime, comedy, action, etc. and you can easily create a free account to track your favorite themes and bookmark your favorite comics. The site is easy to use, and you will find a variety of resources.


Just like Mangatraders, this site allows you access to the most liked and popular manga comics online and provides for free sign up and registration to be a part of its community. The homepage of the website showcases all the recent releases and provides you with browsing options through the entire list of manga options available. This website, due to its user-friendly interface, will enhance your experience on the platform even more.


One of the best substitutes you will ever find for MangaFox is this website. It has a stunning website design and can be your best place to read all the unlimited manga resources for free. You can easily navigate through all the resources and find the best one for you without many efforts. This website, like any other website, has also been customized according to genres like sports, fiction, adventure, etc.


After Mangatraders, MangaPanda is one of the most easily accessible websites. Here you will find a massively great range of manga comics that you can read and access for free. The website layout and design are incredible, and the content on the website is like that of MangaFox. This site is no different from the other websites and does not offer any uniqueness to its users. But overall, it manages to make its users happy.


If manga comics are your forever favorite, then look no further. This manga comic website will give you instant, easy access to the most extensive options of manga comics in every genre possible without charging a single penny.

The mangas have been arranged alphabetically on the website for the better convenience of its users. You can locate the best-picked ones in almost no time. You can also search for a variety of manga titles by merely entering the names in the search bar.

It does not matter whether you want to search the manga comic by genre, artist, release date, model, or author name. You will find almost every option. Do you know the best thing about this website? Anyone can easily upload their loved manga comics or specific chapters online effortlessly.


If you want an exceptionally well categorized and user-friendly site to explore all your unique manga collection without putting in much time or effort, at absolutely no charge, this website like Mangatraders is your best friend.

Do not have much time to navigate through entire websites in hunt of your favorite manga resources? This website has the smoothest interface and loads quick, which increases your convenience factor to a considerable extent. The website though apparently simple quite surprisingly has a lot of essential library features embedded in it.

No matter whichever genre you are in love with, you will find many choices in almost every genre. The website has no security issues at all and is entirely trustworthy among its large number of users.


Want to explore the most popular manga website that has always been the favorite choice for all manga readers and anime watchers for years? Well, it is this one. Almost every trending, remarkable and latest manga is available on the website. It is quite an excellent forum for readers to express their opinions in the form of reviews or answers to any of the questions related to the comics or series.

One major disadvantage of this website is that the free resources are not of as good quality as the paid resources, and the current releases are made available only after a week of the release. A free fourteen days trial is made available to you so that you can check the quality of the website for yourself. But if you want access to their Premium content, paid memberships are the only way.

This was an in-depth review of all the other popular sites like Mangatraders. We are hoping you have discovered by now the community you want to be a part of.