Plixid was a popular website that brings music to life, or, we can say that it provided a platform that helps you connect with online music. Plixid had gained a considerable fan base because of its vast and extensive library. It offered various music albums and MP3 songs. However, the website got banned because of some legal issues, so here we will provide you some of the alternatives of Plixid so that you can find anything related to music on these websites.

Are there alternatives to Plixid?

Yes. There are a lot of websites that offer music albums and MP3 songs free of cost. Not only this but also, they offer high downloading speed. These websites are a solution that can provide you with the same content as that of Plixid. Now, we will be discussing some of these popular websites that can be used as a replacement for Plixid.


So, if you are an active user, you must have heard of this website. You must have known why this is called a popular website and can be used as an excellent replacement for Plixid. Well, if not, the answer is that this website has an extensive collection of music and Mp3 songs. Like any other website, it also offers free content to its regular visitors.

The website itself has faced a lot of legal issues, but it is still running. Also, if it is banned in your country, there are always proxy links that will help you to access the website. However, as per now, there is no notice of its ban, and hence, you can make use of this website as an alternative to Plixid.

Let us look at some of the critical points of IsraBox, which has played an essential role in making the website popular.

  • The most important feature of this website is its vast and extensive library. It contains many songs and music albums.
  • The library is maintained regularly, and so you will find everything on the website easily. You do not need to hunt for a particular thing.
  • The layout of the website is relatively simple, but the content that is provided is massive.
  • There are separate and dedicated columns, and you can find any music in its column.
  • They also have a New Release section that will provide you all the latest music albums and songs.
  • Moreover, the main thing about this website is that the website does not contain any ads and pop-ups, so it is safe to use this website.


The website has a massive library and contains almost similar content as that of Plixid. So, you will find a lot of music albums and songs free of cost. The website is trusted for being ads-free, and so there will be no damage if you continue to this website. Also, this website is one of the best replacements for Plixid because it has gained popularity because of its massive content.

Also, accessing this website is a lot easier than any other website. This is because the website can be accessed directly, and you do not need to use proxy links for this. However, if the website is banned in some countries, you can access the website using proxy links.

  • The most important feature of this website is that it has a great library and an attractive interface that can be used by anyone without having prior knowledge.
  • Second, the website has a neat and clean layout that will help you to look for the music album that you need.
  • It has a soothing user interface. Everything is sorted categorically, so no need to worry while searching for any music album or song as you can directly find it in its respective category.
  • The website offers a very high downloading speed so you can download any music album or song in no time. Also, the quality of the music album and songs is much better than what is provided on other websites.
  • The original website is free from pop-ups and ads, but you need to be careful of downloading links and fake websites.
  • There may be many fake websites with an almost similar name to the original website, so make sure to visit only the original website and not the fake one.


Maxalbums is another similar website to Plixid and contains most of the contents that Plixid used to contain. It also got banned a few years back, but it came back and contained everything that you need with music. It also has a massive number of supporters. It has gained this much popularity only because of the content and quality that it serves its users.

A few years back, due to some legal issues, this website got banned. But now, the website has returned with additional essential features such as the advanced search bar, scrollable features, and categorical searching.

  • It has a similar user interface as that of the websites that we have mentioned. Still, it has included new and advanced features that will help you while searching for anything.
  • The website does not have its hosting server, and thus, it takes help from a third party that does the hosting part.
  • The website is also ad and pop-ups free; however, it might be possible that the hosting website may contain ads and pop-ups.
  • More so, now the website is legitimate, and it has negligible interference of ads and download links.
  • Another iconic feature of this popular website is its clean and soothing interface and layout that makes it easier for anyone to search for anything on the website.
  • The browsing options are comprehensive. It offers you suggestions while searching for anything that makes it easy for you to hunt for a particular song or music album.


Another famous and popular alternative to Plixid is RadioButt. If you are an active user, you might have heard about this website, and it is so famous. Well, if not, then we are here to answer this question. This website has a pretty decent homepage and simple and basic layout, and website design yet contains almost everything that you will need.

Moreover, the website is legitimate, and the content provided by this website is also trusted and contains no malware and viruses. So, if you want to download any particular content from this website, then you can surely go for it.

  • It has been a very trusted, reliable, and decent website for all those searching for an alternative to Plixid.
  • The website does not contain any ads and pop-ups. Thus, it is straightforward to download anything from the website without malware and viruses.
  • Also, the downloading speed is relatively higher. So, it takes no time to download any music album or song from this website.
  • It has gone through many ups and downs, but it has still somehow maintained its massive library and contents.
  • It sorts everything categorically, so it is easier for everyone to search for music albums or songs in their respective columns.
  • The layout and design of this website are simple and basic. It is considered as one of the best websites that can be used as an alternative to Plixid.

Why do these websites get blocked?

These websites often get blocked because most of these websites are fake and illegal. They do not provide legitimate content and contains malware and viruses that can damage your system.

Also, these websites charge money or offer a subscription to the content they provide. Most of the contents are pirated, and hence they violate many rules and guidelines because they often get banned.

How to access a website if it is blocked in my region?

Every website can be accessed no matter it is banned. If the website is banned in your country, and you are no longer able to use those websites, you can access them using VPN and proxy links.

VPN and proxy links are loopholes to direct the access of these websites. You do not need to worry if the website has been blocked in your region; you will always find some proxy links that will connect you to these websites.

Is using these websites safe?

Well, these websites and most probably their fake proxies may contain malware and viruses that can be used to compromise with your privacy and security. They offer free subscription and fast downloading speed to attract visitors on their website to increase the number of their viewers.

However, the government is taking strict actions against these websites. If you are using these websites, it means you are doing something that your government does not want you to do.

We recommend you to visit legitimate and trusted websites that offer you the same content. We do not encourage you to visit these websites, but even if you want to, then you can always do so with the help of proxy links.