Entertainment is in everybody’s daily diet, and no one can afford to avoid it, not even for a single day. That is why we see the spike of moviegoers and OTT subscribers every day. But there is one more medium to get all this entertainment, and this medium probably is the most significant source of entertainment for people who are big entertainment enthusiasts but are unable to afford the costly tickets and subscription.

Yes, we are talking about torrents and related websites. They are also handy to people who have been searching for a movie or show and are unable to find it on an OTT platform. Stagevu is a viral site in this regard. It has for long been providing users with endless amounts of entertainment for which they otherwise might have had to spend thousands or even lacs in theatres and OTT platforms.

It is a torrent website that deals specifically with Bollywood and Tamil movies. They also provide users with English and Hindi dubbed Hollywood and movies and shows of other languages. One can also download the subtitles for the movie/show. They have catered to a large number of audiences for a long and have become a top-rated and trusted source for movies and shows. But there is a famous saying, “everything good has to come to an end someday,” and the same has happened.

Lately, Stagevu has been facing a lot of legal issues and has also been banned in most parts of the country. This has affected the entertainment diet of many people who intensively relied upon Stagevu for their favorite shows and movies. Though Stagevu has become inaccessible now, we indeed have not run out of options.

There still is a vast number of sites that are like Stagevu in the sense that they provide users with streaming and download links of movies and shows for free. These sites can be used by former Stagevu users as an alternative. Below, some of the alternatives to stagevu have been discussed. You may want to give a shot to every site till you find the best for yourself. So, without any further ado, let us discuss these alternative sites.


If you wish to have a movie and show site that requires no registration or sign up or login of any kind at all, then MovieWatcher.io is what you are looking for. You do not have to register yourself as a user with the site to download or stream its content. The site also facilitates its user to watch movies and shows with high quality, i.e., in HD.


Movieflix is probably one of the most trusted and useful movie sites on all the internet. It provides a lot of facilities to the users that even some OTT platforms fail to provide. It is a one-stop destination for all the latest movies and shows that you may not get until you buy a subscription of an OTT platform or a ticket to a movie theatre.


Project Free TV is one of the biggest movies and shows sites in all over the world. It mostly provides users with Hollywood movies and shows but can also provide popular Bollywood movies. You can watch any Hollywood movie you want using Project Free Tv.

It is a perfect substitute for Stagevu for Hollywood movies/shows. This site is basically the hub for links to all sorts of movies and shows that exist. I would suggest streaming the movies online but not downloading it as downloading becomes an illegal act, whereas streaming online is not. But if you want to download the content, then no one is stopping you from doing so.


Aluc.ee is also one of the most significant sources of movies and shows with nearly 80 million movies and shows that it provides users with. It is not just the bulk that makes it so unique, but it is also the quality. The site provides users with movies and shows in HD quality and all of that for free. This is what makes it a great alternative to stagevu, and if you look closely, you will observe that this site is even better than stagevu.


Sabwap is another site to find the movies that you want to watch. It is a massive search engine, specially designed for movies and shows. When you search for movies and show, the search engine displays all the potential sites that are featuring that movie, and by clicking the link, you can move further to the source of movies and shows. From there, you can either download the movie or stream it online. All these facilities are provided free of cost to the users.


HindiLinks4u.to is also an excellent alternative for Stagevu. HindiLinks4u.to is probably the best website for Indian viewers who like Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Asian movies.

It provides the users with full-length Hollywood, Bollywood, and South Asian movies along with the subtitles. It suits all the tastes of an audience. It caters them shows of different genres like horror, sci-fi, action, adventure, drama, thriller, etc.

The users are also provided with the latest releases, and this satisfies a lot of users. It is like popcorn time and other related streaming sites in a lot of ways.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is arguably one of the best streaming sites ever. It can compete with OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and at the same time, it is also free. Many free streaming sites don’t bother about providing memorable user experience. Still, Popcorn time lays great emphasis on that and makes sure that the users return to the site not just because of the movies that it provides but also for the service and the premium level user experience.

If this is not enough, then Popcorn time has made an app for its users, so they do not have to visit the web, again and again, every time they wish to watch a new movie or a show. Popcorn Time will, for sure, be an excellent alternative for the users who had been using Stagevu in the past.


Einthusan.tv is a premium South Asian content provided with content ranging from movies to music to movies. It provides the users with excellent user experience and even has movies and shows from 9 regional languages of India. It provides dynamic and high-Quality content and all of that for free.

A combination of Popcorn time (for Hollywood movies and shows) and Einthusan.tv (for South Asian movies and shows) can be beneficial.

Ditto TV

Ditto TV is the largest source of entertainment at this very moment. It is a streaming platform used to stream shows and Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It also offers a complete buffet of content to its users; it provides them with live TV service where they can stream what is live on-air in more than 100 TV channels. They provide a TV guide informing users about what life is now. It also acts as a platform where users can watch videos and random content and news.


CooLMoviez is also a viral movie streaming site. It allows users to watch online high-quality Bollywood and Hollywood movies or download them as per their wish. All its services are free.

A lot of features that it provides helps it to stand out from the rest of its competitors. It allows users to download videos and music. It also has a feature in which users can choose movies and shows from their favorite genres.

Apart from this, it also features a lot of movies in the form of the latest movies, trending movies, and has a section for upcoming movies. It is a beautiful alternative for Stagevu.


Bolly4u also is like a movie and shows a search engine. It helps users to search for their desired movies and shows and show them all the potential links of the movies from the streaming sites that are providing the movie to watch.

This means it offers a wide variety of content from all genres and different qualities. One can watch the shows and movies online and download them for watching it later.

Mostly Bollywood movies and shows are catered to the audience, but at the same time, they are also provided with Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies and shows as per the cravings of the users.


As we have already seen, there are a lot of alternatives for Stagevu, and many are even better than Stagevu. One can try and test every website mentioned above and use the best website of them all as per their convenience.

If a website is unable to open, then try using a VPN for doing the same; chances are it will work. So best of luck for your new journey of content watching, and I just hope you get all the movies and shows that you want to watch in the sites mentioned above.

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It seems like Stagevu stopped working. But why worry? Here are the best alternatives for Stagevu that will satisfy your content crave.