There are different websites available on the internet that provide some paid games and software free of cost. Warez- BB is one of them; this is the biggest and most popular website to download any paid content free of cost.

In this article, we will discuss one of the best torrent websites named Warez- BB, along with its proxy and mirror websites.

We have also discussed some of the best alternatives to the Warez-BB, which you can use when the main website is down. Let us have a look.

What are Warez-bb

Warez-bb is one of the best community places for sharing files all over the internet. This website has a straightforward interface, and all the information is available on the homepage itself. You must have registered on this platform to view any information.

You can quickly sign up on this website, and its security features do not let any anonymous register on this platform. It allows you to access different online services on a single platform.

All types of files, such as paid games, software, eBooks, movies, etc., are available on the website for free. It is also an excellent place for geeks, as there are several geeks sharing information.

Warez-bb Proxy and Mirror Websites

What are the Best Alternatives to Warez-bb?

It is tough to find a platform just like Warez-bb, which has that many active members. Below, listed some of the best websites which are quite like Warez-bb in terms of features that you can consider when the main website of Warez-bb is down.

1. Searx

Searx is one of the best alternatives to Warez-bb. It is a metasearch engine that is considered a traditional way of searching files on the internet.

Searx does not host any of its content on its server, as it will fetch you the link of the website, which contains the exact file. All different categories of files, such as music, videos, movies, software, are available to search. It provides its users with a soothing experience while searching for anything on this platform.

Saerx offers two kinds of searching algorithms: basic and advanced. You can use the advanced one if you are looking for better results and authenticity of data.

2. SearchFTPS

SearchFTPS is one of the best FTP indexer and leading service providers of FTP files. Its usage is just like the advanced form of the FTP Search Engine.

It is one of the largest platforms available on the internet to search and download files from anonymous FTP servers.

3. MegaDownload

MegaDonwload is considered one of the best alternatives to Warez-bb, and it allows you to download files from the leading hosting sites. All the results it provides are either from MegaUpload and RapidShare.

One of the services recently launched by MegaDownload is Usenet. One of the best advantages of using this website is that it does not provide irrelevant information regarding any topic. You can use this website for a refined search surety to download the file you are looking for.

4. DllDump

DllDump is one of the largest providers of DLL files over the internet. This website allows its users to find the exact DLL they are looking for, which helps them fix their problems.

This website has a massive collection of DLL files all over the internet.

This website offers some different types of files, such as inf files, ocx files, etc.

All the tabs are well organized, and you can see the search bar right on the homepage. All the downloading services offered by the website are entirely free of cost. You can easily browse through a list of files and download them for free.

5. Filestube

Filestube is one of the best file sharing and uploading services available on the internet. It is considered one of the most reliable options regarding search engines.

The Search section allows you to search for anything from the internet, such as software, games, music, videos, etc. This website has a straightforward and clean user interface, making it easy for users to look for their desired files.

6. File Crop

File Crop is one of the oldest websites and a search engine that provides files from a shared files server only.

Anything you search on this website will return the results from the leading sharing platforms such as Rapidshare, Hotfile, Mega, etc. FileCrop is considered as one of the best sources to get all the verified links and torrent files.

You can also limit the size of the file you want to download to provide files between that limited range. FileCrop is the best option for you if you are looking for a search engine based on shared files.

7. Entireweb

As the name suggests, Entireweb is another search engine whose search result is based on the concept of searching the data from the entire web directory. All the results published by the websites are from relevant sites only. It is a straightforward process to search for anything on this website.

On the main web page of the Entireweb, the users can see a unified search bar in the middle of the page. It would help if you typed the name of the file you are looking for, and it will provide all the results from the relevant websites.

8. FilePursuit

FilePursuit is one of the best platforms which provide desired search results to its visitors. This website has the best in class file indexing feature. The website has a massive database of links and servers that allows you to look for your desired file from millions of web servers worldwide.

FilePursuit does not hold any content on its server rather than provide only the shareable link of that file. Also, the website has a very straightforward interface that allows users to browse the website with ease.

9. AIO Search

AIO Search is a search engine and considered the best alternative to Warez-bb. It allows you to find multiple files from multiple servers. AIO search engine is quite like the Google Search engine.

In the starting phase, this website is a torrent file provider, but they started to provide data from other websites. There are different search facilities available for the users.

It allows users to search their specific files from different file hosting service providers, other torrent websites, and from streaming sites.

10. UVRX

UVRX is one of the best and independent search engines for finding different files from the leading shared file servers. It will provide you the results of Mediafire, Divshare, Zshare, etc.

This website’s primary function is to bring you the link of a shared file on a centralized platform. It provides both free and premium facilities to the user.

By purchasing the premium membership, users will get enhanced security features and add data uploading and downloading speed.

Final Words

We have provided you with all the necessary information about the Warez-bb website and some of its proxy and mirror websites. We have also discussed some of its best alternatives. You can choose any website for searching and downloading content.

This article is only for education and research purposes. We are not encouraging any piracy by any means.

If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it once, and if you have any doubts/questions regarding the topic, do not forget to paste it in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve all your queries.