X-Caleta is a website that provides different software and many other things to download for free. It is a very decent website and not so popular, but it has maintained many visitors. Though X-Caleta is not a famous and popular website, it is an active website. It has a massive collection of software. In this article, we will discuss X-Caleta and some of the popular alternatives of X-Caleta.

Pros of X-Caleta

  • The iconic and most important feature of X-Caleta website is its friendly interface that will help you look for software without trouble.
  • The website is easy to navigate, has a clean layout, basic website layout, and advanced and enhanced search features.
  • It also has different sections, each referring to a particular kind of software. So, to search for anything, without hunting the whole website, you can directly visit their respective sections.
  • It is relatively convenient to use and has a broad range of content covering everything in the software you need.
  • The library of X-Caleta is maintained and updated regularly, so it contains every latest and old software.
  • Another advantage of this website is that it does not contain ads and pop-ups, so you can use it without getting into any trouble.
  • Also, the website is straightforward to use, so even if a person is not computer literate, he can use the website.

Cons of X-Caleta

  •  Like all the websites that offer free downloading of software, games, and movies, this website is also illegal. It contains various software, but they might be pirated.
  •  It has less traffic, and this is why the library of the website is not regularly updated. In this case, you will need to hunt for anything you want.
  • The website layout still has the old and traditional look. However, the interface is quite friendly, so it does not take much time while searching.
  • Though the website itself does not contain any ads and pop-ups, the file-hosting server may contain ads and pop-ups. So, you need to be careful while surfing this website.

Are there alternatives to X-Caleta?

Yes, there are a lot of alternatives to X-Caleta that offer similar content as that of X-Caleta. These websites also provide very high downloading speed, and the downloading can be done in no time. More so, these websites are a perfect solution, and you can use them for free. Also, some of these websites might contain malware and viruses, but you need to be careful to use them.

Alternatives of X-Caleta


Uptodown is a popular website that provides different software that can be used with Mac OS, Windows, and Android OS. The website provides software that is compatible and can be used on all versions of the mentioned Operating System.

The website has a separate section named ‘The Latest’ in which all the latest releases are being kept. So, if you are interested in software that has been released recently, you can directly find it there.

The website has an advanced searching option through which you can search for any particular software. If you do not wish to go for software hunting, you can find it in its respective category.

The website is legitimate and does not contain any ads and pop-ups. Not only the website contains different software, but also, the website contains many games for PC and software related to every field.

The website has its Voice Over Internet Protocol platform for any online communities. It provides every software categorically, so to search for a particular thing, you can always visit the respective section.


If you are an active user, you might have heard of this website. Filehorse does not only offer software but also offers different MP3 and Audio.

The website has massive traffic, and the library also gets updated regularly. Filehorse has different sections containing different software according to their type. More so, they list all the top downloaded software in a different section so that anyone can find it there.

It contains anti-viruses, games, browsers and plug-ins, and much other software. The best thing about this website is the negligible number of ads and pop-ups.

However, the website might contain fake download links. In this case, you need to be more careful while downloading anything.

The software that Filehorse provides is compatible with all versions of Android, Windows, and Mac OS. It has gained a massive number of visitors because of the quality of the product they provide.


Another popular website is Softonic that can be one of the best alternatives to X-Caleta. This website provides different software, games, and applications. The website has a simple and basic structure and layout.

The design of the website is not so complicated, and it has a scrollable searching option to search for any particular thing. It also provides different languages if you are not able to understand the original one.

Moreover, the website is legitimate and does not contain malware and viruses. Also, the product that Softonic provides is not pirated. These software and games are compatible with every version of the Operating System.

The website has considerable traffic, and because of this, Softonic often updates its library and contents. So, you will find the latest software in their latest release section, and for old games and software, you might need to do a thorough search in that particular section.

Also, this website offers to download any software or game or anything available on the website for free. 


Another popular alternative to X-Caleta is ZoneAlarm. It provides software related to PC Protection and Mobile Security. ZoneAlarm is not only a popular website but also it has been the Winner of protecting cyber blackmail.

It provides applications that will put your peace of mind in your hands, and you will not get this level of protection from any other website.

ZoneAlarm provides a free firewall, free and powerful anti-virus, advanced protection from the most widespread cyber threat called Ransomware and threat emulation.

This website has not massive traffic, but somehow, it has managed to be on the top website providing software and anti-viruses. The website has a simple yet advanced layout and design.

ZoneAlarm provides everything categorically, and that is why it is not difficult to search for any particular thing. It also has fewer ads and pop-ups. More so, this website is a trusted and legitimate website for protection against cyber threats and for providing software related to cyber blackmails.


Another famous and popular website is Redcoon that will provide you almost the same content as that of X-Caleta. This website will provide you software, games, and anti-viruses for free. This website has not massive traffic, but still, it is considered as one of the best replacements to X-Caleta.

The elated feature of this website is its advanced searching criteria. It will let you search for anything with the correct keyword. All you need is to be aware of some keywords that will help you in searching.

The website is not so neat and clean. Also, it is relatively complex, but it has an excellent interface that will help anyone to search for anything even if the person is not computer literate. Also, it does not have its file hosting server.

The website itself does not contain ads and pop-ups, but you cannot say that the website is ads-free as there are chances that the file-hosting server may provide ads and pop-ups.

The website has faced many legal issues and is often got banned. Still, now it has returned with advanced features and an extensive library with great content. So, anything you need, you may find it on Redcoon.

Why do some of these websites often get blocked?

Most of these types of websites often get blocked because of privacy issues. These websites may contain some malware and viruses that you may not be aware of. In this case, visitors always report these websites, and as a result, they get banned. However, even if these websites get blocked, you can always access them with proxy links. You only need to search for the correct proxy link.

Is there any way to identify fake websites?

The fake websites are almost similar to the original websites, so this creates a fuss in identifying which one is fake. So, you need to be careful with the domain name because that is the only way to check if a website is original or fake. In most cases, domain names are also similar, so you have to pay attention to the correct domain name.

Also, fake websites are likely to ask for credit card numbers and subscriptions, so this is another information that can tell you whether a website is fake.

In the end

We have mentioned some of the alternatives to X-Caleta; we strongly recommend visiting only trusted websites that violate any law and broadcasting rights. You only need to be careful while visiting these sites and avoid fake websites.