The Internet has been, in recent years, a popular medium for providing pirated content to the users. Torrents have played an essential role in this because of their untraceable nature and loopholes in the old anti-piracy laws.

But with the passing of new anti-piracy laws and the availability of better technologies with the authorities, many torrent websites have faced repeated actions against them for providing pirated content.

Some popular websites have survived these bans and blockages, but the small ones like Torrentazos were forced to shut down. Torrentazos, at its peak, provided torrent files and magnet links for all kinds of files, including movies, TV shows, Games, eBooks, and software.

The torrents were verified and made the website popular among the users looking for a trustable torrent website.

Even though torrentazos has been blocked and is no longer available for downloading movies, TV shows, Games, or torrent files for any other content, the website can still be accessed. It provides articles telling the users about the alternatives to the websites for downloading torrent files.

Many other websites are still available worldwide, providing similar services as that of Torrentazos, the best of which we will be discussing in this article. All the websites mentioned in this article can be used for downloading torrent files of Movies, Games and TV shows, and some other content like software and anime.

Some of these websites might not be available in some countries or regions, while in some regions, using torrents might be illegal. Because of that and to protect your browsing privacy, it is advisable to use a good VPN service.

Here is the list of the most popular websites which can be used as alternatives to torrentazos:


1337X is one of the best torrent search engines available on the Internet today. With a neat homepage and easy to use nature, the website is an excellent alternative to Torrentazos. Users can either search for the files they are looking for directly into the search bar or use other settings and options on the homepage for filtering and doing an advanced search

Various categories like Television, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, etc. are already present on the homepage. A user can also browse through the popular and trending movies and TV shows available using the Top100 and trending button available on the top.

With an excellent and improved user interface and faster download speeds, it has become popular amongst the torrent communities. With verified torrent files, this website saves hours and a lot of bandwidth for the users looking for a sound quality torrent file.

Dirty Torrents

This is one of the most popular and searched for Torrentazos alternatives available. But because of its popularity, it has been banned in countries like India and the USA. The only way to access the website in banned countries is to use a good VPN service.

The homepage of the website looks like The Pirate Bay, and hence is easy to use an alternative. All the categories like TV shows and Movies are visible on the homepage and an option to browse through the torrent files or view the most recent additions.

The users also can view the most famous content in the last 24 hours according to the type of file along with an option to view top files overall. Such features made content discovery easy for users, and users can always check out the website even though they do not know what to download.

Torrent Funk

Torrent fun is one of the relatively newer torrent websites which has grown in popularity. The user interface is nothing to write home about, but the functionality is par with the best torrent websites available. The homepage contains all the popular files being downloaded by the users and the list of all the new and upcoming movies.

At the bottom of the homepage, all the recent searches done by the users can be seen. Torrents can also be browsed according to the categories based on the type of content. There is also an option to browse through verified torrents or latest and upcoming torrents.

The torrents can also be viewed according to the first name of the file in alphabetical order. The search functionality works flawlessly, and any file can be easily found using the search option. All these features make the website one of the best alternatives to torrentazos.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the single most popular and most scrutinized torrent website in the whole world. Because of the attention it gets and the popularity it enjoys, it has been banned by many authorities. However, it still has managed to survive over the years thanks to hundreds of proxies available.

Almost every torrent available on the Internet can be found on the website. From games, movies, tv-series, eBooks, software, and amines, torrent files for everything can be searched for on the website. The homepage is also simple with the search option right in the middle of the homepage.

All the other options for filtering the search or browsing through various categories can be easily found on the website. There is also an option to browse through recent torrents or the top 100 most popular torrent files on the website. Most of its 3 million torrent files are movies and TV shows, making it a perfect alternative to Torrentazos.


Lime torrent is one of the recent torrent websites which have risen in popularity within a short period. The user interface is like any other regular torrent website. The website operates on various domains, Asia, .pro, etc. The search box is on the center of the homepage, with different categories mentioned below for browsing through the content.

The website, like all other torrent websites, has an option to sign up, which unlocks all the content of the website to the user. It also provides options like top Torrents, New Torrents, and Browses for those users who are not sure what to download

The website is easy to use and search for content. Still, it is recommended to use a good ad blocker before visiting the website as the advertisements can be very intrusive. The content library available is massive and can easily match Torrentazos, thus making Lime Torrent a perfect alternative to the website.


Bitport is a unique website and is not like Torrentazos. But at the same time, the functionality it provides is way better than Torrentazos. The website requires you to create an account before using the website. Once the account is made, it provides a free cloud storage platform for downloading all the torrent files.

The website can download the files using the torrents and magnet links provided to it and store the files on the cloud storage, easily downloaded later by the user. This can potentially save a lot of bandwidth for those who are on a limited data plan and cannot afford to download and check if the torrent file is genuine or not.

The user interface of the service is clean and easy to use. The website provides free and paid plans according to the user requirement and can make torrenting easy even for the users new to the world of torrents.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass torrent needs no introduction to those familiar with the torrent world. It is one of the most popular torrent websites and is used by millions of users daily. The sheer size of its library and the intuitive nature of its user interface has made the website popular all around the globe.

The website has been banned in many countries but can still be accessed using various proxies and multiple domains. The search function on the website works flawlessly, and users can easily find the files they are looking for.

The homepage contains a massive list of all the famous and trending files, and users can also browse through torrents if they are not sure what they want to download. The website shows details about the torrent files like health, lechers, and seeder, etc. which makes it easy to find okay quality torrents.

The reviews on most of the popular torrent files also make it easy to download trustworthy torrent files. All these features make it a worthy alternative to Torrentazos.


Torrents are a popular medium for people to download their favorite movies, TV shows, games, books, etc. over the Internet for free. Even though the service is useful to people who cannot afford to buy the content or those who cannot access the content in their region, the service is not considered legal in all parts of the world.

That is the reason why many countries all around the world are continuously taking down torrent websites. Torrentazos was one of the most popular torrent websites, especially in Europe, and because of that, was banned. This article provides a list of all the popular torrent websites which can serve as an excellent alternative to torrentazos.